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I'd like to tell you a little about myself...I am a powder blue tang fish. I live in the ocean so you could say that I am a marine fish.

I am still young and I am not of full size yet, and I am called a juvenile. When I am an adult I will measure up to 9 inches from head to tail.
You must have already seen my buddy, the clownfish. He is right by the front door on Martin Orthodontics homepage.

Just in case you haven't met him yet, you can click on the link below that says Clown Fish...

You can hang out here with me for a while, if you'd like to learn more about fish. and how to care for them.
NEVER super-clean  your tank! By that I mean: never dismantle your tank and scrub everything in it.

Because doing that removes good bacteria - bugs that help process your fishes waste are no longer there to protect the fish from bad water that makes it difficult for them to breathe.

  • do monthly 20% water changes with a gravel cleaner
  • during change, remove as much detritius (fish waste and uneaten food) as possible from the tank
  • keep your glass clean by using a magnetic glass cleaner
I am an Indian Ocean fish and I do best in nice, warm water - at least in the lower 80's.

I need lots of live rock in my tank to do well in captivity. That's because I feed off algae and other organisms that live on the live rock.
Tangs are also known as surgeon fish because we have a razor sharp barb back by our tails.

This barb is used in defense against predators and to defend our territory from other tangs.
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